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The Café Boca Business Idea

July 6, 2020

Yes, I want to set up a take-out restaurant franchise, in other words, Spanish and Chilean fast food. It is going to be a caffeine free tapioca tea, otherwise known as Boba, shop, also. I have multiple restaurant ideas that cross over each other. I’m busy trying to keep my head above water financially right now, and doing my best to stay mentally well. It is work for me to stay stable, but I work hard to maintain it. I’m trying to generate streams of income without much luck. I’m trying here, trying but getting frustrated. I’m looking to work on my home-based business if need be, and I have to sort through various opportunities in order to find the right one, and often I may need to wait for Mr. Hernia to come out before I do anything concrete with starting a business.

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