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Franchise Research

July 6, 2020

I’m researching franchises on There are many options out there; the key is to pick the right one. This website has a cash required portion of the information I have pulled from it. I’m also looking at the business opportunities section of this website, but there is an unfortunate reality going on in that businesses have a rather expensive price tag. I’m in no position to buy or sell a business right now. My SCORE mentor is right; I need a job although I can research to my heart’s content. Franchise Direct is another franchise database that I can look at work from home, or low cost franchises. The cash requirement of $2,995 for Online Casino Bookie is something I could eventually afford if I had a stable job.

I’m researching franchises in order to eventually buy one. Mobility Plus is one that I could get into, seeing as I use a cane, but the minimum cash required is $20,000, since finance assistance is available through a third party, although not only that, training is required. This can be a good home-based business. The Growth Coach is a franchise that allows me to gain experience as a life coach. The minimum cash required is $60,000, with training provided and SBA approval. A home-based business is different from a franchise. Businesses require a monthly subscription.

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