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Spontaneous Healing: Cut on My Arm

July 10, 2020

The fence in the summer of 2018 was falling apart. Why was it falling apart so soon after I gave up driving in favor of taking the bus? The fence door kept getting slammed shut when I’d get home, because that energy found its way to the nails, which were bent, and that was what was making the first board fall apart, the board with the door handle, swell! The nails were bent out of shape, these pictures are on my phone, but not very clear. I keep pictures of all psychokinesis events. On day in the summer, and I can’t remember what year, I was ripping apart the fence because it was driving me crazy, having a board loose. What happened next was that I scraped up my arm, and I remember staring at the blood thinking, gee, hmm, I have a cut on my arm; I may as well go to urgent care. Then I thought, great, felt a rush of heat from my head; next thing I look at is a healed arm, with nothing on it. I wasn’t even going to have to call my neighbor to take me to urgent care. Whatever it was disappeared. I was floored, thinking, say what? This was a “my life is too much like Smallville moment.”

It is bad enough there is a doorknob in this house’s garage that is dented by a dent the size of my thumb. In the summer of 2019, a hernia was confirmed, in my diaphragm, and I had decided to give up driving in February 2019, since I was going to therapy Fall 2018, which made my knee bend better.

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