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Why I Avoid Socializing With My Family

July 13, 2020

Over the holidays, few people interact with me directly. I find it uncomfortable, and rude. So I’ve avoided the holidays since 2016, and feel much better for it. I avoid people who drink at any rate, only because it winds me up watching it. I’m frankly disturbed by certain drinking habits, if only because I feel like, wow, energetic expectations of thoughts and feelings leading to me breaking my sobriety for others, which is not going to happen. I refuse to drink ever again. I’m not drinking anymore, period, because that could outright kill me, give me alcohol poisoning and get me very sick. What is it with my family wanting to sabotage my health? I’d rather spend the holidays with myself rather than THEM. No, see, I have distanced myself for my own mental health since I’d rather hang out with lucid, not silly, and depressed, too depressed to take a joke, since I am grateful I take after certain people who had a sense of humor.

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