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Why Conflict Sickens Me Right Now

July 22, 2020

I’m avoiding many people and many opportunities for people to mess with me only because conflict has the potential to sicken me. This is why I’m avoiding some of my other pagan friends, who may or may not give me shit about deleting them. I’m pretty much fragile, and trying to respect my sensitivity which is not a luxury I had growing up since growing up was an exercise in “tough it up, crybaby,” whenever my sensitivity got to me since I wasn’t properly treated for my mental illness until 2012, and I had to battle on to gain any sense of stability until they left and I got on Lamictal, although I was plenty okay on Geodon, Buspar, and Eschitalopram at first. I decided on one more medication only because I felt I had used bad judgment at one point, which made me realize that Lamictal had cured me of mood swings big time in 2011, so I decided to go back on it in 2017. Yes, it is hard for me to stay stable, so that’s why I try to make sure that I get enough sleep.

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