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How is it that Relatives Want to Pick Fights?

July 22, 2020

I do not need to fight ever, so I wonder why people want to fight with me in order to make the fight they pick, my fault if I react. Narcissists do this for their jollies. They enjoy getting their ya-yas this way. Hey narcissists, get a clue, I do not want to fight, as I’m fragile right now, and will be fragile long after surgery on Mr. Hernia is done. Because, yes, I need surgery, that’s right I do. But since nobody reads this blog from my ancestral homelands, I’m sure nobody will know that it is one night in the hospital. I’m trying to keep this stuff secret from certain people who will either gossip about it or freak out. Nobody is going to know where I’m getting it done, or when on top of that.

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