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If someone Wants to Pick A fight With me

July 22, 2020

You lose, I don’t care about winning because I’m not narcissist, and I refuse to engage. I do not like fighting, I do not want to fight, and fighting is a useless exercise. Fighting is so pointless. Yet you people who want to fight with me want one. I’m sorry but did it ever occur to you that you shouldn’t fight with someone run down, ill, stressed, and injured like me? Judging me unfairly is a huge trigger for stress since I go straight to “it must be my fault,” codependency, and codependency is defined as taking abuse. For those of us alive at this time, feeling the pulsating energy of life on this planet, and life in the universe at large, codependency is something we work on. So yes, I will not tolerate fight-picking bullshit from anybody, not if you want to visit me in the house.

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