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The Fact is I’m Stable

July 23, 2020

Some people have accused me of being on too many medications. Buspar is an anti-anxiety and antipanic medication that I’m grateful I’m not allergic to, some could be. I repeat, it is not, not an antipsychotic. At that point, my medications are none of people’s business. Yes, Geodon is an antipsychotic, which I need, so is Lamictal, and eschitalopram, which keeps my OCD under control. Buspar serves its purpose, along with potatoes, to act on the central nervous system. I’m on just the right mix of medication. I am stable, as stable as it gets, and nobody can contradict that. I take my medication on my own, and I live on my own. I do not have panic attacks or anxiety attacks anymore. I’m doing really well otherwise.

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