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Hematite and Shungite

July 28, 2020

Hematite is very good for grounding oneself but also for pouring in energy that comes to your body through another person. Hematite helps you purge feelings. It absorbs toxic emotions, working to pull negative energy from the root chakra, as it balances all 7 in physical body chakras. I use hematite to ground myself, making it hard for me to stay ungrounded. Hematite is a crystal used to ground, and grounding is done by imagining roots in the center of the earth, from your feet and your tailbone. I also use a grounding cord, attached to a crystal, wrapped around the center of the earth.

I’ve heard about shungite in recent days, since a resurgence of my interest in crystals and gemstone healing. In February, I had $25 to do whatever with on Amazon, as I tried to put my gemstone healing interest aside, but it keeps haunting me, so in February I decided to get a kit, and be like, whatever. For some reason, that kit has really helped me along with the stones I had somehow decided to keep since in college I got an urge to get rid of my existence collection which I followed by throwing it into San Francisco Bay.

Shungite is an interesting stone I channeled as today’s topic, only because shungite can withstand fire, but it also absorbs EMFs well, as I’ve discovered today since a web page remarks on putting it near laptops, cell phones and computers, as well as tablets which can create EMF fields. Putting shungite in water can speed up the body’s healing process. Shungite can be used in meditation while you chant, “my mind is pure, my spirit is clear,” because shungite helps ease mental turmoil, clearing grudges, guilty feelings, negativity, or emotions that you possibly are holding onto. This is why I channeled a need to seek information on this stone, because of realizing what it could do to help me.

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