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What is a Lemurian Crystal?

July 28, 2020

The Lemurian Crystal was programmed and buried by Lemurians, an ancient civilization that lived in a country called Lemuria that was an island once found in the Pacific Ocean. A small group of Lemurians managed to escape the accident that destroyed their island. They buried the crystals, for fear of them falling into the wrong hands, since it contained their spiritual knowledge. I got myself one out of needing to organize all the books in my head, and my writing ideas that float around in there. The Lemurian crystal was charged with Reiki, which is useful for my self-healing attempts. I didn’t know about meditating with the crystal through holding it to my third eye, until I was directed to do so by something outside of me, perhaps a spirit guide. A Lemurian crystal helps a person gain spiritual wisdom from past lives, and past civilizations that used to exist on planet earth.

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