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What Are Breakaway Civilizations?

July 29, 2020

Breakaway civilizations are groups of people that sometimes are non-human, who live underground such as the Telosians, (Lemurians) who live under Mt. Shasta. Or maybe the Agharians, who live under the Gobi Desert. Breakaway civilizations in live in other places on the planet, with many underground civilizations in existence right now. The Secret Space Program counts as a breakaway civilization although there is also the category of ancient breakaway civilizations. Breakaway civilizations are something my inner archaeologist is interested in. They live under their own laws, separate from humans. There are secret branches of the US government and military, that is not common knowledge but that I want to know more about given the information that is out there, I have much research to be done.

Stone UFOs and the Maya Breakaway Civilization

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