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My Laughter Class

July 30, 2020

My laughter class is a class about when it is appropriate to use laughter for psychic healing. I’m working on this class as a psychic healing/psychic arts double major at I study Greyschool stuff because I want to become an in-store psychic/Reiki healer. I also fancy myself being a chat psychic, but with Mr. Hernia being what it is, I can’t read for people right now because I feel fragile. Yes, I feel fragile, although hernia surgery is easy, only because it will happen from a laparoscopic perspective, so its one night in the hospital, it will not be that bad. I feel strongly I shouldn’t lift anything heavy or go for long walks, and I especially shouldn’t drive right now. The same applies to psychic work although I can get readings from other people.

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