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Psychic Healing: Why Am I Taking that Class

July 30, 2020

I’m taking this class as part of my major requirements. Psychic healing, my last assignment was a meditation designed to ground one into the earth. The next assignment is a candle flame assignment I’m using my amethyst point in substitution since I cannot light a fire in this house, at all due to the lease. My altar is a rickety thing anyway that sits there, not as often used, because I have discovered I do not need tools for magick. I can use my mind entirely, so I’m taking this class as a means of studying for my major, psychic healing/psychic arts, and a minor in Dark Arts. I have to use the forums to figure out what classes to take next along with how many credits I need to get my degree. I’d make a good Greyschool class counselor give or take, and that could be one job I get with this degree, whatever my Ex says.

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