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A Return to Honor – Why I’m Stuck

August 13, 2020

I could maybe turn this into two novellas but I realize I want to keep going with my current novella, which I got all the scenes out that have been stuck in my head since 1994. Yep, a lot of scenes are rattling around in my head, that I’m trying to get out of my mind and body. It ends with a character getting captured by the opposing factions. I made up names for the planet and the aliens, but I need to edit this piece over all, it is far from finished. The X’s words about my writing being useless, insulting my work when he is far lazier than me, stuck with me. It should be said that the Ex is just saying to me god I’m lazy, and you aren’t. My story is just plain stuck, guys, stuck, and I need to get it unstuck because I was not going to finish it in the captured part, I have a sequel in my head, but maybe it could be put in the original 13,000 word file.

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