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Writing a Novella: The Land of True Blood

August 14, 2020

The Land of True Blood is a story about abuse, psychic attack, and the changing of the guard.  It is a story fraught with snarky sayings, which is something I have trouble doing right now.  It takes a lot of energy to write comedic snark.  Sometimes I do not have the energy to be funny.  Not when I’m run down, stressed, pimply, and trying not to overload myself.  Wow.  The novella is supposed to be 15,000 pages, and be full of snarky comedic relief.  The protagonists say mean things to their victims who at first, do not fight back.  It is about how psychics can make each other ill. Then there is a changing of the guard of the castle on Ancient Tiamat, which the story is set in.  It is about how good people can defeat bad guys with gusto.

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