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Short Story Ideas

August 14, 2020

I have creative non-fiction short story ideas in my head.  One is about near death experiences, burnt at the stake in 12th century England.  The Perfect Copy is about cloning and could be turned into a television series.  I’m telling you I’m flooded with ideas, so I use a Lemurian crystal to download the ideas into, so as to keep it all straight. It’s a Reiki charged Lemurian crystal.  The last time I went to a Reiki infused online event, I made sure the crystals got some.  My ideas come in fast and furious, even treated with medication.  It is quite a mental rush.  I have trouble keeping myself together.  This is why Reiki treatment comes in handy, and I need some from someone who is COVID negative.  The Perfect Copy is about cloning being made legal, and people using it while a cop investigates the situation, a female cop named R.J. Salinger.

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