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The Healing Properties of Lemurian Crystal

August 14, 2020

Lemuria was a peaceful and spiritually developed civilization on this planet that existed 12 million years ago, they left behind Lemurian crystals for us to use as we reclaim our spiritual heritage. Mine is small, I can’t take a picture but it is small and very powerful.  I use it on my 3rd eye and my crown chakra to relax.  The crystal sits on my third eye as I try in vain to settle myself down and organize the information in my head, books, ideas, etc. It does help improve my concentration.  I see the ladder-striations in my crystal, as library levels. Indeed, my crystal has information in it. To think I bought it on eBay. I don’t necessarily have access to white sand right now, so whatever, I can’t do the exercise on this web page.

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