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How to Heal Yourself

August 20, 2020

With the cut on my arm, I was thinking, dang it, I have to go to urgent care.  Then I thought, really?  Do I have to?  I’d rather just treat it at home. Now while I know that going to get treated whenever possible is something I should be doing to get back at my parents, I was in, I don’t feel like leaving the neighborhood mode.  The cut suddenly vanished right in my face when I was thinking, gosh, I need to go to get it treated.  It just disappeared.  Was it psychokinesis?  Was it I?  Was it an angel?  Was it the gods?  I’m just wondering how the hell it disappeared.  If any readers have any answers for all three blog posts, please feel free to contact me.  I’m confused, and I really at this point, am wondering about all the times I have experienced spontaneous healing and why some stuff heals while other stuff doesn’t.  It is sheer luck that autoimmune thrombocytopenia doesn’t make me bleed as much as it could right now.  I’ve been plenty stable the last three years or so.

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