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Spontaneous Healing: The Cut on My Arm

August 20, 2020

It was a typical summer day back in 2018, I had no therapy to go to, I suspect this was in July or August of 2018.  My fence was falling apart because of my energy that was affecting the metal nails; as much as it was caused by the way I’d slam the door because I was frustrated about my money situation.  Then the board for the fence was ripped off, by yours truly while using my chi. I had cut myself in the process leaving blood, a line of blood, and me thinking, well I guess I’d better call my neighbor to get to urgent care.  As I step towards the door, starting at the cut, I look down and it vanishes without blood so much as getting on my t-shirt.  One minute it is there, the next minute it is gone.  I’m not kidding around; you think I could make this up?  Same thing with the boil, I have experienced spontaneous healing before.  Where does it come from and how do you control it?  I’m lost.

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