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Time Traveling Aliens Fixed My Heart

August 20, 2020

I’ve had visions of this, it is the only explanation left.  I mean think about it, here is a baby born to my mother, who is schizoaffective from birth, and OCD from birth, and was born with a heart condition called patent ductus ateriosus, which by the way requires surgery but don’t think this is my usual crackpot idea.  Patent ductus ateriosus most often requires surgery, it means the blood flows the wrong way, and that implies surgery is the only way to fix this problem.  Now I know how lucky I am, thanks, and only because my future self from another time line was with the time traveling aliens.

Now people, why does this idea make sense from an Occam’s Razor point of view.  My other theory is that I healed myself, using my psychic healing talent.  Either way, the hole didn’t close up until I was roughly 3 and I got sent to a pediatric cardiologist in Spain or something like that according to my medical record. So hey, my future self was with time traveling aliens because my doctors, including my diabetes educator and my physical therapist know that heart conditions like the ones of this magnitude do not necessarily up and walk away.  This theory I have makes “sense” from a science fiction writer’s perspective.

So in which case, they healed me with a square, white device.  I have visions from the Akashic Records about this, although we know how I feel about trusting those, or myself in general.  Yes, well, the thing is, I’m pretty much sold on this idea that came from Higher Self.  Higher Self’s wisdom is not total lunacy, is accurate to the best of my knowledge only because it may be true, we all know this.

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