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How To Use Claircognizance?

August 25, 2020

Claircognizance is about insight.  Knowledge instantaneously pops into your head.  You sometimes have no idea why.  Day before today, I had a dream that I was in La Coruña, Spain, dancing on the street wearing a hat with a bone on it because I got my anthropology Bachelor’s and Masters.  The song playing on my boom box was “Play that Funky Music White boy,” by Wild Cherry. Claircognizance is a kind of tool that allows ideas to be processed via downloads almost.  It feels like it pops into my head, and I have a choice as to how to deal with it.  In that dream, I also had my second bachelor’s in psychology, a B.S.  Now that school is online, it presents a challenge to me to complete, since school won’t be in person for some time.  The permafrost in the Arctic is melting, which could lead to more illnesses arising from these microbes that are getting released into the atmosphere.  My insight for that is the need to work on more vaccines to combat these illnesses.  

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