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What Is Claircognizance?

August 25, 2020

On Sunday morning, I was on a roll with my article on Claircognizance, but the power temporarily went out, and scared me to death.  Here goes another draft. Claircognizance is called clear thinking for a reason, and for me, it is a steady march of ideas, insights, and writing in my head.  My books have been rattling around in there for years. I have to start writing my books, my friends, only because they are all stuck in my head, causing me immense stress.  Sure, Journey to Atlantis is the sequel to Opening New Dimensions, and is still in none other than in my head.  I am having a hard time focusing because of Mr. hernia, so I’m doing my best to drag myself to the computer so I can show up, and get work done.

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