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August 26, 2020

Nostradamus was a French astrologer and psychic who helped during a plague outbreak.  He wrote a book called Prophecies in 1555.  I’ve read some books on his prophecies, not necessarily the book itself.  But he has bizarre accuracy with some stuff.  As a child he was taught Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and did university for one year until an outbreak of bubonic plague hit so he drifted into studying herbal medicine, working as an apothecary, which is an herbal remedy expert.  Nostradamus managed to avoid the Inquisition’s notice during the times when he was practicing medicine with a high cure rate because of rosehip pills that he was giving plague patients back when antibiotics didn’t exist.

Nostradamus was Jewish by birth but his family converted to Catholicism due to the Inquisition. His university actually kicked him out because of his interest in being an apothecary as a manual trade that was banned in his school.  Queen Catherine used him as an advisor because he could draw up horoscopes.  But anyway, today his quatrains are viewed as legitimate predictions of disaster, illness, earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, murder, drought, and battles.  Flash forward 500 years later to February 2020, locust invasion in Africa with reports of a swarm 2,400 sq km or 930 sq miles.

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