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The Melting Arctic and Concrete Solutions

August 26, 2020

The cold places on earth like the Arctic and Antarctic help cool off our planet. Hotter regions absorb heat.  If climate change severely impacts these regions, the entire planet’s weather could be changed.  Rising sea levels impact coastal communities like Los Angeles, along with global food sources.  The plastic pollution in the world’s oceans is impacting wildlife since we are preoccupied with fending off the rise of fascism again.  Permafrost is melting which could cause an upswing in diseases long thought-controlled.  The reality is that germs are everywhere on this planet, and while some of us have an immune system that can defend itself, others of us are not so lucky.  We are unprepared for what is coming because we do not know what is coming, even if we read other people’s ideas about what is coming.  Helping clean up this planet ought to be a legitimate job since plastic in our landfills could be melted down into oil, so that we can use that to power our cars.  Not that anybody is doing anything about this.

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