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Global Warming and Concrete Solutions To Try Now

August 26, 2020

Global warming is moving faster daily.  The melting permafrost is going to expose  new illnesses that will overrun us.  This part of the 21st is hard to survive.  We deal with crazy new challenges every day but the thing is, it is also very exciting.  Global warming is contributing to what could be a disaster.  Global warming could be fixed by using ethanol as fuel for cars.  The coronavirus forcing everybody to work from home did reduce air pollution in March and April.  Air pollutants contribute to global warming, and the hole in the ozone layer is not helping.  But what do we earth humans do?  We ignore the situation since we all have to work, at least the working class does, and we try to find solutions to the problem in our “free” time.  Global warming is something that will raise the temperature of this planet 10-degrees Farenheit in the next century.

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