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Things I Do Not Have Time For

August 28, 2020

Petty bullcrap, torment, people who pick on me, and people who do not take my advice.  I have stuff I need to get done with my life because I want to go into helping professions like medicine.  I have decided that it is high time I work part-time to full-time from home, so I t is time to get my own medical benefits through a job.  I also want to succeed at freelance writing, and this means buying my own insurance.  I can no longer sustain being low-income.  I’m trying to reign in the impulse to set up opportunities to earn money but I can stay low income for the time frame it takes to get used to a continuous glucose monitor, which is now covered.  I do not have the time for fun, games, petty bullshit, or irrational nonsense, I have to take my work seriously in order to get anywhere with my writing, something I’m trying to do.

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