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Psychic Attack: What Is It?

September 2, 2020

I have to apologize to all my pagan friends about how they have to deal with my mom’s energy or the risk of it whenever they interact with me on any level.  She just spooks people, big time psychically aggressive, spooks people.  The second anybody helps me like giving me a useful resource; she flips out.  Have you all ever wondered at why that is?  Okay, she is an ungrounded psychic who doesn’t know what she is doing.  I educated myself, I broke the cycle of ignorance in my family, but some remain blissfully unaware.  I took a huge financial risk yesterday and enrolled in a mediumship class because I needed the help.  The person running the class knows about my mental illness, so she can figure stuff out around that.  I know what not to do to people, because I have taken classes, found mentors, and bothered to follow their advice.

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