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How to Visualize, the Psychic Energy Codex

September 2, 2020

Visualization is a part of learning how to be psychic, and in the Michele Belanger book, The Psychic Energy Codex, I have learned about this faculty quite a bit.  Visualization is used all over the psychic practitioner’s world.  How I used this book to learn the techniques is doing the exercise via whatever senses work the best for me.  Writing hinges on written visualization, so Belanger’s first exercise requires defining your style of visualization on page 102.  You are supposed to write a paragraph about the visit to the park while circling all the descriptive words you use.  The words used in the paragraph tell you what senses appeal to you, so some use site, while others use smell, taste, touch, or feeling. I need to do this exercise in further detail if I found the time.

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Belanger, Michelle. The Psychic Energy Codex.  San Francisco, Red Wheel, Weiser Books. 2007.

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