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Tanith’s Exercise: The Psychic Self Defense Training Manual

September 2, 2020

This exercise requires a partner who is bigger and stronger than you, physically.  The new partner has to arm wrestle you with the caveat that you have to steal some of their energy.  You can pull their psychic body to hang it up on the wall behind you.  Although it is a good idea to return the psychic body once you are finished with it.  You have the option of explaining what you did to your partner’s body.  Marcia L. Pickand’s daughter freaked out a football player rather badly only because he wasn’t expecting her to win.  You have to learn what it feels like to have your psychic body pulled away from you, since this is what happens when someone pulls your psychic body away from you, making you feel like you have been forced to give your blood away.  (Pickands pp. 13)

Pickands, Marcia L.  The Psychic Self-Defense Personal Training Manual. 1997. Samuel Weiser Inc. York Beach ME.

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