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What Does Overload Look Like For Me?

September 4, 2020

I freak out.  In no uncertain terms, I go, f it.  I’m doing too much, who cares, and this is what happens when I overload myself.  Sure, I’m plenty smart and have more degrees than the next person, seeing as I have an AA in Creative writing, a BA in creative writing and an AA in anthropology.  I want AAs in business administration, with a certificate; I want an AA in paralegal studies and an AA in film and television.  All this can be earned online give or take.  I guess I propel myself with a horrible feeling of inadequacy because of my 22q, which makes me feel like I’m not as good as the rest, so I have to excel further than the rest.  If I get an MFA, that puts me a step closer to a Ph.D. and I think I want three PhDs, archaeology, and English, and psychology.  That is more than most people have only because they feel they need it.  I feel I need a lot of degrees to even feel competent at any job.

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