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Cal Fire Season Is Improving

September 15, 2020

For those of you on other continents, yes, California is having a major fire incidences but some are getting better, The SCU Lightning Complex fire, and the LNU Lightning Complex fire are at 98% and 97% contained respectively. The North Complex Fire is at 39%, while the Creek fire is just at 16%.  The CZU lightning complex fire is at 91%$, while the Bobcat fire is new at 6%. The Lake Fire is contained at 96%, while the Butte fire is at 97%, with the Valley Fire at 87%, the El Dorado fire is at 44%.  The Shackleford Fire is new, and is at 30% containment. The Schoolhouse fire is thus 80% contained, with the Sperry Fire at 0% contained, while other possible fires are not labeled, and the entire West Coast doesn’t have the fires contained yet. The smoke in the air is always present, smoke has been around all day for weeks.  I’m starting to have a sore throat from it.  I’m astounded that people do not always wear masks even with smoke conditions, much less with coronavirus going around.

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