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What are mood stabilizers anyway?

September 15, 2020

For those of you who think four “antispsychotics” is too many, I will tell you what is and isn’t an antipsychotic, and why I feel I need them. I’m a fragile rapid cycler who is processing way too much trauma on my own, I’m trying to navigate this wildness in my head.  I also have a lot of information rattling around in there, books, etc. and I need to keep my files organized if you will, since the brain is rather like a harddrive. So to my believing friends, I keep my files organized taking my medication. Buspar is antianxiety, I’m lucky I’m not allergic to it.  Eschitalopram is an OCD medication and an antidepressant.  My only two antipsychotics I’m on are Geodon and Lamictal. It is a blessing to get up and feel well every day compared to the way I used to feel. Real hell is having a mental illness without access to medications.

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