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Knowledge Addiction

September 16, 2020

You could say that being as claircognizant as I am, I have a lot rattling around in my head. Yes, volumes of information, whole libraries really and taking genuine college classes could help unload it.  I have an Excel file for that called Academic Path.  So far I have mapped out psychology, to the master’s degree level. I plan on taking a GRE.  I like learning, and the next closest bachelor’s to me is anthropology.  You could say I take on too much though.  I’m using Greyschool as a managing stress from school test. I see why I overload myself, why I take on too much, and I take a step back. In May I had plotted a whole course outline of what essays I needed to write. I managed to finish many of them but not at the deadlines I had set.  I’m tempted to set deadlines like the ones they have in junior college, since all school really does is teach you how to set deadlines, prepare yourself to meet them, and finish what you start.  At work 2 future, I was taking classes and not feeling stressed by them.

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