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Caffeine Addiction

September 16, 2020

Caffeine addiction is something I have seen in my own family, and in friends. My ex was a major addict, and so was I. I was drinking too much espresso in junior college just to function.  It gave me pep, and pizzaz, which I have learned in the present to get from faking it until you make it, chocolate, or getting enough sleep. I can’t have chocolate because of Mr. hernia anyway.  I’m trying to eat sugar products like baked goods rather than let myself go crazy craving chocolate, which I kind of am. Chocolate is a low grade dose of caffeine that my body can tolerate.  I have no idea though why it makes me talkative, like I can stand socializing, because when not caffeine manic, I was an introvert who didn’t know about my schizoaffective at all at 20, and was a total sugar junkie besides, with bright red acne zits on my face from all the sugar I’d shock people with that I was eating.

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