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September 16, 2020

Up until senior year I had chamomile tea to calm me down. That was it though, I didn’t even look into natural remedies. I didn’t think I needed medication.  I was about to get SSI, when I was introduced to alcohol, which I realize is very bad for me also. Alcohol calmed me the frak down, big time, allowing me to center myself and to focus.  It even helped me sleep. I realized I was in an environment that encouraged drinking. When I went dry, in 2010, I was with a therapist out of San Mateo, who also worked out of San Francisco where I went to school, having met her in college. I quit with her help, but I was hanging out with a pothead back then, without realizing that it was affecting me.  When I dumped him, I realized I had better avoid people who smoke pot, which I have done.

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