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My Greyschool Classes So Far

September 17, 2020

I’m taking three classes, The Art of Psychic Healing, 2 credits, Laughter is the Best Medicine, 2 credits, and Chakras 301, the Anatomy of Energy.  I’m tempted to add more classes, but I must finish two before that.  My phone’s camera doesn’t email pictures anymore but I’m lucky my phone is still charging. I need to get a phone, an Iphone 6.  I will replace the batteries on both phones, and use them but Iphone 6 will be for business. Psychic healing class is about the various psychic healing methods I can practice healing someone else with or myself with.  Laughter is the best Medicine is about healing laughter, and when to laugh, which my teacher says I know when to laugh.  Chakras 301 is about energetic anatomy, introduction me to eastern terminologies like “ida” and “pingala” which are two channels, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  I need to find more psychic healing and psychic arts classes at Greyschool to take, this requires further research.

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