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What Greyschool Classes I Need Next

September 17, 2020

The classes I need to take next that I have looked into are Anatomy and Physiology for Herbalists 601, Skin, Muscle, and Bone, Level 6.  Then I’m waiting to hear on Healing With Stones, healing department level 2. Greyschool is all about metaphysical things, each class teaches me something new.  I’m someone who likes being thorough, taking my time, but see, these classes are an experiment.  I can analyze or improve upon how I manage stress, because the test of going back to school even if because of COVID it is online is something I deeply look forward to.  I do better in online environments if nobody sees my face.  Then I’m not held to a specific ageist or reverse ageist standard because I don’t look almost forty.

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