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Mental Health Rehab, What is it?

September 22, 2020

I need to get my mental health more treated than I am doing right now. My peer counselor told me about an organization called ACT that I need to look into.  I’m also waiting for the Whipa people to call me back. I’m looking to earn extra income that I’m working on putting together for myself.  I found this web page for ACT

My heart’s desire is to put myself in Bridges To Recovery, a mental health housing situation where I can get my chronic mental illness treated properly since I do not have the money for all the therapy I actually need. I have to put together a treatment plan for myself here. This is why I have to start making money for myself, only because I need to make sure I’m able to pay for it on my own. I have stuck to being low income.  I need a residential treatment program to even begin to unpack all the trauma stuck in my mind and body.

Bridges treats everything I’m dealing with or suspect myself of dealing with. I’m doing way too much work for my family though. I’m thoroughly sick of being their intercessor. I’m past annoyed with it only because they demand so much karmic energy from me. I’m like, wow, seriously, do your own work ladies.

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