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September 23, 2020

Histrionic personality disorder is all about being the center of attention, since it is about attention-seeking behaviors.  Histrionics can make anybody crazy, as can a histrionic with borderline and narcissism.  I know one who isn’t in therapy, so I avoid them.  Histrionics are lively, also enjoying the act of flirting with others. They are loud often enough, behaving inappropriately.  They are egotistical, and self-indulgent.  They manipulate others into making themselves the center of attention. They can behave like exhibitionists who constantly want approval.  I’m sure the Ex is like this, since he had a weird concept of sexual boundaries that not everybody would agree with and I’ll stop right there.

They have an unwillingness to change, which is a total headache to be around. They behave inappropriately seductive, using illness to get attention.  They have low tolerance for delayed gratification, since frustration makes them lash out.  They make rash decisions, and I know about this disorder because my mother may have it.  This is why she drives me crazy, but the cray is not limited to her behavior, it is also functioning under the whole “I don’t need therapy” silliness. The desire not to be like my family clouds my existence because I really don’t want to be like them in my middle-adulthood life.

I’m always uncomfortable when the center of attention, so I get paranoid about that stuff, letting other people be the center of attention. My family shows the chart of types of histrionic traits.  Because they make me crazy, I avoid them.  The ex might have been histrionic himself, since I realize he is like both my parents rolled into one. So anyway, yes, I would rather drive myself crazy as a single person than be in a relationship with crazy of any kind.

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