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What Is OCD?

September 23, 2020

For those of you who do not know what obsessive-compulsive disorder is, I’m going to highlight it while ad-libbing only because I know a lot about it from first-hand experience.  Okay, Obsessive-compulsive disorder is about obsessional thinking patterns that make one stressed, and compulsive behavior that results from those thinking patterns.  For example, I could be hell bent on nobody touching my athame, as we pagans do not allow others, even other pagans, to touch our ritual tools.  We kind of have a hands-off policy that Muggles fail to understand.  OCD implies that someone will want to touch the athame no matter how many times they are told off, and not to touch it.  A compulsion to touch it is something that may or may not go away easily with medication, but unstable people are likely to go, “I have to touch it, ” as a type of ritual that they have a profound urge to get done that they can’t get rid of.

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