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What is Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar 1 type?

September 23, 2020

To have schizoaffective disorder is to be on the bipolar 1 spectrum and the schizophrenia spectrum rolled into one diagnosis.  Schizoaffective merely means you have both schizophrenia and bipolar at the same time.  Medications assigned to a schizoaffective have to treat delusions as well as mood swings.  Mood swings can take over one’s life.  Those not treated trend towards mean behavior, which is why I want to put myself into mental health rehab facilities when I move to Los Angeles, only because I want to.  I cannot put off moving anymore, it is something I’d like to do.  I’m going to need a roommate soon enough after hernia surgery. I found someone to stay with me the night of my procedure.

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