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What Are Psychic Boundaries and Shields?

October 8, 2020

A psychic boundary is a barrier that says, I don’t need to know that, I don’t need to see that, I don’t need to feel that, my feelings are in my body, not in someone else’s body.  It says, I’m not going to be a codependent. Codependency is defined as being someone who pays more attention to others than themselves.  I have developed strong psychic boundaries, with strong shields.  My shields are only strong if I focus on them as being such, but if you think your shields are weak, they will be weak.  It is all about your quality of thinking patterns.  Thinking patterns determine your quality of life since if you start thinking dark thoughts, you then get depressed.  But then again in a schizoaffective, depression is a fact of life.  It just is.  Then again you can control your thinking so it doesn’t get to you.

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