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Wired and Tired

October 27, 2020

Sometimes mental illness can cause states of mind where you feel wired and tired at the same time. This is known as hypomania, which I had slipped into this weekend from waking up too early.  This time of year does that to me.  If I get consistent sleep, if the weather is not too hot as it has stabilized this year, if my medication is absorbing despite mr. hernia, then I’m going to be home free. Mr. hernia is causing me trouble, it needs to come out, I frankly need a ride to the clinic, and back home, someone kind and considerate, I know who it is but out of security I have to not talk about this too much in public.  Yes, the woods are full of Her spies.  But see, we keep family in the dark on purpose, mr. hernia is my business, I want it to stay that way so gossip mongering and fear mongering doesn’t spread.

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