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Keep It To Yourself.

November 9, 2020

My life at ages 1-3 was peppered with paranormal events but was also ordinary.  I am grounded in ordinary reality which means that I want to look for a job, and that I work diligently to find one despite my chronic illness.  Dad and I were lost in Yosemite on a walk in the woods on one camping trip.  Long have I had confusing memories of this event, since I was carried on his back when we were walking on this one trail that I wish I knew of now.  The family has long joked about something happened to us, resembling alien abduction, a subject I got myself interested in during high school.

High school took place in the 1990s, an era of “keep your depressive feelings to yourself.”  Nobody knew how serious my health problems were, let alone myself.  I have severe brittle diabetes that I’m trying to control here, and I’m working very hard on this in the present.  But this is a trip into my past, since my memories of this day in Yosemite are powerful, etched into my brain.  I wonder if these memories are real, because in 2010 I channeled it while a family friend had come to pay us a visit.

I wrote it into a journal, typed up the journal, left it on my USB somewhere, and didn’t look at it much since it sets off my PTSD.  Hell, what sets off my PTSD is watching the Orville, in that episode when Commander Kelly gets injected by something and is screaming until the antidote is given.  Memories can’t stay buried forever, unless they are professionally erased. I had memories arise out of nowhere, and I am trying to read more about this stuff give or take the way I have some knowledge of it in my head.

MILAB is an acronym in the industry standing for Military Abductions of Alleged UFO abductees.  At this point, I’m concerned about my family’s lack of medication taking, their psychic skillset, and why they don’t see a psychiatrist for proper help for their own schizoaffective, since I really am schizoaffective while many MILABs are not.  I want to meet more of you people actually.  I know there is a local contactee support group I’m going to follow-up on getting to through Zoom.  I remember we walked through the woods, ran into military, got taken into custody, dad put on a VR helmet, and what he saw in there freaked him out.  Military doctors scanned me saying I’d wind up diabetic, so I’m useless to them.

He was hypnotized, and made to feel physically weak, while he was sitting in a chair. They injected me with something that burned my blood.  It would have left me dead in a few days, looking like a normal head cold.  Noise from above startled me as I screamed in the woods, wondering who would rescue me.  An alien ship much like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars drifted over the trees, which is why the cargo hold door being open in any scene triggers the crap out of me. 

The ship sailed through with people who would later identify themselves as Pleiadians firing lasers at the military people, scattering them. Everybody ran for the hills, while the aliens somehow transported us up, treating me with whatever, my memories are scattered at that since they put a helmet on me, putting my brain back together, since the military had tried to kill me.  They were the ones who put up blocks as to my inner knowledge about my psychic talents and what they were. Some stuff is not safe for the Internet to write about out in the open but shall we say that it will keep me safe for the rest of my life, given that I can scare the crap out of anybody with my skills.

Hell if they tried to kill me back then, but didn’t succeed, I scared them to death didn’t I?  Some nights while I mull the ethics of my capabilities, I get paranoid wondering if I’ve been genetically enhanced like Dr. Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I get that paranoid, wondering if I have been given unfair advantages. 

They didn’t interfere with things they shouldn’t have though.  I was born with a high IQ, but see the old man has degenerated into drinking, not taking medication for his dementia, and in general letting his talent atrophy.  When you do not use it properly, the universe or yourself can strip yourself of your powers, shoving it deep into your unconscious mind.  This is something a hypnotherapist does.  I was born with 22q, and my life is full of paranormal events, that I just can’t put on ignore.

I’m wired a certain way that is far more powerful than just having a disability that influences type 1 diabetes.  I have had an interest in science fiction from an early age.  It could be said that in my adult life because I take Lamictal, I’m hard to brainwash, manipulate, or otherwise turn evil.  You can use psychic talent for the greater good or to hurt people.  Your talents eventually make you crazy if you choose the former, hurting people.

My family has long been ribbing me about my interest in UFOS.  This is a life long curiosity, having seen them, knowing they are real, and actually witnessing them over long swaths of my life.  At 12, I saw Catalina Island lights on a cruise, which set off the UFO/science fiction interest yet again.  This is another blog post, for another time. 

I found this page while looking for a good definition on what MILAB is.  Please remember that this stuff causes people serious trauma, just like a war vet, and we are traumatized people so before you go thinking this stuff is funny, it isn’t.  My life is haunted by the paranormal, I have to start working as a psychic or for other psychics. I have some employment ideas but this month my blog is going to be about paranormal things and then next month I will be writing about employment issues.

Do not think that everybody who has experience with aliens is crazy, but they could be traumatized also.  I will not get into discussions with people who find this experience too hard to believe, you know who you are skeptics, since my Facebook page is part skeptic, part believer. Thanks.

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