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The Angelic Presences and My Imaginary Friends

November 13, 2020

I grew up getting consistent bouts of pneumonia every winter, from having a hernia that has been there since birth.  I had palate surgery in 1989 give or take, but nobody dragged me to a hematologist before that?  Now I hear, in light of my need for hernia surgery, that I should see one.  Okay, but back in my childhood, I had a hernia that nobody looked into any deeper.  It was what made me vulnerable to pneumonia or bronchitis.  Great, just great.  Yes, now I know that I need to look into it given that I could wind up with either this winter.  I can’t afford a single cold or flu in the present, much less the nasty COVID.

Angelic presences would be all around me when I’d have to lean over the humidifier to be able to breathe at all.  I started reading Doreen Virtue books this year, to regain the ability to use angelic protection.  As an adult, this talent got fried with my skepticism, but then I realized it protects me against psychic attacks from my mother.  My psychic talent has always haunted me my entire life.  I am now using angelic protection to protect myself from everything.  Somehow as a child, I was able to sleep better but the truth is I needed pediatric onset schizoaffective and OCD medication.  Nobody looked into that in further detail.  Yes, to my readers, this may freak you out. 

Anyway, I’m busy looking for a job in the present or figuring out a way to become majorly self-employed.  I’m already self-employed, seeing as I’m trying to write every business plan in my head without overwhelming myself.  In the past, I had spirit guides, who taught me how to manage my talents, or at least helped me organize it, who helped keep me shielded. My imaginary friends went on car rides with us.  Imaginary friends abounded keeping me, an only child, entertained. I didn’t have a sibling, and now I view that with relief since now I know sociopathy runs in the family.

Angelic presences of the genuine article keep you safe/make you feel safe.  They add to a feeling of safety, because they want you to be safe.  I realized in my adult life that the cords sent to angels to help you feel their presences were cut.  I was reading this in a Doreen Virtue book, which helped me figure this stuff out.  Cyndi Dale also mentions angels in her books, right next to demons.  I’m used to otherwordly shenanigans give or take, and I try to look at it objectively.

Yes, workplaces take it or leave it because I think working, as a psychic would be taxing on me with my current state of having a hernia.  I’m in too much pain to think straight while writing, I’m waiting on test results, and reading full-time would just be a bad idea over all. But hey, I can do it, I’m good at it, it is one more way to make money on this nasty little planet known as Earth.  Angelic presences are real, angels are real, demons are real.  I hate to say this, but psychic stuff is real.  I known my lingo now, I can spout words like clair-whats it.  Clairvoyance is the ability to see the future in visions, although sometimes I wonder what is a day dream and why does it turn into a vision that makes me squirm?  I try very hard to take care of my type 1 diabetes, so that it never inconveniences anybody in the present.  

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