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Type-1 Diabetes Diagnosis at 10

November 29, 2020

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis at 10, after two years of juvenile onset pre-diabetes.  Onset of type 1 and total pancreatic failure happened at age 10, at Girl Scout camp. I got really sick, but at night while being cared for by another parent, I managed to get an alien visitation, tall whites, smaller greys, they brought a tablet of something they put under my tongue, to buy me some more time without insulin.  They had put the parent in a trance of some kind, while they talked to me, but then they left.  I woke up, and asked for water, that’s all I remembered until recently as aliens leave screen memories.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of ten around May 31st, to June 7th of 1991 after two years of pre-diabetes symptoms. You see diabetes is perfectly treatable if caught early but due to circumstances beyond my control, it wasn’t caught on time. Although if Dr. Hartzell is reading this, I will say it wasn’t his fault, we know whose fault it was and leave it at that.

But anyway, total pancreatic failure happened at Girl Scout Camp, I had symptoms of a cold, that got me deathly ill. I was very ill, deathly ill, but didn’t know it as I hiked with powdered lemonade in water by my side. I had to pee a lot during all our hikes give or take since for the last two years, I was peeing a lot anyway.  Back then I had no idea about my 22q, just knowing I wasn’t feeling 100%, which got worse when I had real maple syrup with breakfast, which back then was Eggo waffles.

These days, in comparison, breakfast, is toast or a muffin. Back to Girl Scout

Camp, I was drinking water a lot, going to the bathroom a lot, and I almost didn’t make it through the weekend.  I was being cared for by another parent, only because this parent was going out of her way to take care of me, since mine hadn’t gone with me that time.  This was part of the brainwashing I’d later endure, which said “Do not escape me, I demand you stay close to me so I can know where you are at all times.”

I was deathly ill but still functional, because eating was making me go to the bathroom a lot.  Over night that weekend, the parent was helping me drink water, since I was thirsty without knowing why, also going to the bathroom a lot. We were isolated in a cabin, one evening aliens did enter; leave a tasteless yet powdery tablet under my tongue, and left. They were tall whites, greys, which had the authorization from what is known as the Galactic Federation Council to intervene.  In the present, we got rid of 45 successfully, in a non-violent manner, although I was paranoid enough during the election, under a great deal of election stress, desperately wondering if the human race was going to survive this.

 But anyway, in the past, I had to deal with my pancreas shutting down in a situation where I didn’t have any means to treat this.  I was scared, but well, my family fed on my energy, because it must have been delicious at that time.  I was a very ill camper who on the way home, got majorly motion sick.  Girl Scouts had provided a perspective on myself I didn’t have in the toxic environment that was Catholic elementary school.  But that is another blog post, for another time.

See even back then, at 10 years old, I had untreated pediatric schizoaffective and OCD, both illnesses are marked by high anxiety.  I was stressed not to mention terrified.  I got home; the cold turned into something else, flu? Mom thought it was the flu; my blood sugar was sky high at diagnosis, enough to put me in diabetic coma for around three days, without damaging my brain as it could have happened this way.  I was thin, dehydrated, and not able to eat much. My mother was wondering what she was doing wrong, or what she had done wrong. 

I was taken to the doctor, as 911 were called at the doctor.  My family had assumed diabetes could not happen to children. My family friend had told mom to take me to the hospital, at some point. The thing is, nobody knew what this situation was save some of the doctors, and by nobody I mean my family. People didn’t know jack about it. They had no clue.

I almost died of type-1 diabetes, but I do not know my blood sugar at diagnosis. I wish I did but I don’t, that takes doing to extract information from the ‘rents.  I’m trying to figure out a way to keep these memories from flooding me.  I remember falling asleep at home, then waking up in the hospital. I had dreams, of the rose garden, a water park, and a horse galloping in grassland.  These near death experiences are things I have rarely told my friends about. I almost died of a preventable illness, due to ignorance. 

The rose garden, after reading several NDE books on the subject, is a common experience.  I recovered from diabetes when given insulin, taught about injections, and in general put at ease about having it. Hospitals scare me to this day.   It is why I rarely go to them.  It is why I do not need to get sick with COVID, having done my usual fine job of taking good care of myself.  As a Germaphobe, I get paranoid about the darndest things, since I can sense germs/see them/identify them.

I now know the same process can work with intestinal bacteria since I was working on a paper about that for today. All my major assignments are turned in, ready to go, I’m waiting on grades in others. Yes, type-1 diabetes is scary for me to deal with daily.  I’m trying to make my peace with it, because I need to get it under control.  I’m trying to at any rate, and I didn’t admit I was a germaphobe until COVID-19 came out to try to control this planet.  Right now, actual people who have the vaccine are medical doctors.  I’m next in line, since I’m high risk with type-1 diabetes, etc.  I’m high risk, so I’m staying home a lot, wearing a mask a lot, and being careful whom I hang out with. They’d better wear a mask. I’m doing my best to survive here.

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