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22q Necessary Surgeries

November 22, 2020

I have low blood platelets from 22q, which means that I need to see a hematologist for advice on potential hernia surgery.  I’m going to give metaphysical healing options a chance, since they keep my symptoms under control.  Crazy, but this stuff actually works. Okay, well, I have a shot at trying different treatments like chi ne tsang or other massage modalities. I’ve been told I do not necessarily need hernia surgery, yet. I’m scared either way, surgery or no surgery, I’m wondering if my energy levels will go back to what I was doing back when I had enough money that didn’t get lost through paying every last bill that the rent demands be paid as a form of rent.

Low blood platelets are also called autoimmune thrombocyotopenia and it means that my white and red blood cells do not always produce enough of themselves to help me fight infections.  This is why I get skin infections, or an average cold or flu. With COVID, it is why I have to endure long-term quarantine. I have to despite the fact that I’ve come up with reasons to interview people for my anti-dating book. This anti-dating book is all about dating the way I’d rather go about it, as opposed to following conventional social rules.

I had palate surgery in 1989 without being hauled off to a hematologist by either parent, so I wonder if that is what caused me to throw up blood, but I spent the night alone in the hospital, without anybody sitting with me.  I had out of body experiences in surgery, feeling the device used to hold open my mouth.

That night, no family had stayed.  I was stressed out, and this is where my hospital phobia began.  I’ve managed to stay away from hospitals for a hot minute, because I do not get myself hospitalized by getting a flu shot. Anti-vaxxers concern me only because they think that a dysfunctional immune system gives you an excuse to avoid it. But hey, do you want a type 1 diabetic walking around with measles, mumps or rubella?

All of these illnesses suck.  I have illness trauma, which gets set off at the slightest hint of a cold or flu virus. Now that I’m aware I can heal fast to spontaneously, I’m not as paranoid seeing as in 2018 I got rid of a cold in a week using Reiki, same with the flu. That was officially the last time I was ill.  I’m limiting my exposure to anybody because COVID is just plain terrifying.  I don’t know when I need hernia surgery or if it will work at all, I have to pay a visit to a medical intuitive to get a reading, just to see if our feelings agree or not.  I feel I need surgery but my doctors feel it is a big unknown, in particular with low blood platelets.

I got wisdom teeth surgery with local anesthesia instead of getting knocked out all the way. I had to fight them on this because they were insisting on anesthesia and I was battling them on it.  My endocrinologist at the time had specifically stated not to use anesthesia.  She was insistent on this.  I was fighting them, with mom having the nerve to walk out on me in the middle of this war. I was like, wtf? Excuse me, I needed you to back me up. Just wow.

Normal people don’t bail like that but I didn’t really notice mom’s schizoaffective and OCD until I injured my knee in 2016, which forced me to stay home with them for three weeks. In that time, I saw little things like how my dad toasted my hash brown patty.

Getting stable was hard for me because of my family constantly trying to manipulate me out of it.  I think my mother psychically triggered my left knee into dislocating in yoga that day.  I had nothing else going on except, this thought “I’m going to get a good job, with benefits, and get off low-income medical care,” but I had gone to yoga that day to do something fun. There blows my knee after getting hit hard by a wave of psychic debris. I didn’t have time to shield against it, this is why I lost my balance, I thought I had heard laughter too.

This is just part of my ordinary paranormal-laced existence that has a lot going on in my head. I’m not the one with a heavy denial complex, I can’t afford it. My skill set includes blowing up glass, which was happening a lot my sophomore year, from September – November of that year, I had no rational explanation as to why this was happening, so I’d sometimes throw glasses at the closet to make something up that was  believable since I never knew when that would happen. This skill is unpredictable, which is why I have to take my medication to avoid huge emotional fits.

I do not know what surgery will do to any of my talents. I have a wide range of talents that have manifested in the present, including claircognizant, or channeling information from subjects I don’t know about. I’m a trance medium, which I’ve known about since my Tribe days, since college. People did know I was schizoaffective back then but called it schizophrenia, since schizoaffective causes a person to have delusions and hallucinations. I want to capture all my talents on film someday.

I’m just run down at this point. Hernia surgery is iffy only because of my low blood platelets, and my doctor sent me a scary email about how I may not get better with the acid reflux after surgery, which makes surgery an unknown quantity. I can’t have pad Thai, or enchiladas for a hot minute, which is concerning but I can live with the dietary restrictions. This Saturday and today I have had acid reflux attacks at 4:00 a.m. which left me unable to go back to sleep, so I just lay there.  I’m wondering what to do about this hernia, so since there are so many unknowns I will have to take myself to a medical intuitive who can read for me, either confirming my suspicions and backing me up, or helping me convince them I need surgery. I know what not to do.

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