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This Time Of Great Change

December 10, 2020

Fundamentalist Christians believe this is the end of Days, or End of Times.  Those of us who know better understand how wrong they are.  Change is coming, great change, which will be installed shortly after we all get the vaccine for coronavirus.  We have a woman Vice President who is part Indian and part Black, in the form of Kamala Harris who used to be the DA of San Francisco when I was going to school there.  The pandemic is not that bad for those of us who are making money, able to spend it, and able to entertain ourselves.  Those who have to go out for entertainment are pretty much bored a lot. The next shut down is coming in the form of closed salons, bars, and other indoor businesses.

Some of us are afraid of the vaccine because they don’t know any better.  A vaccine is only a way to prevent the illness from getting worse, giving your body existing immunities. The vaccine is good for you, not the other way around.  There is a distinct advantage of having classes online, or at least everything going online with an eventual real-world equivalent.  The vaccine is the only way travel will be able to resume again.

Social distancing is but one measure to take care of the fact the virus spreads easily. Every zombie movie since the beginning of the genre is about not going near the infected, staying quarantined and waiting for a vaccine.  This virus reeks of deliberate social engineering, knowing that fascist people would not respect the social distancing measures or other CDC guidelines.  I’m not as scared of the vaccine as I am scared of the virus.  If anything the vaccine means I get to leave the house again to go to occupational therapy class.

These are strange days, but somehow the United States has managed to avoid a massive, new conflict during these times.  World War 3 would not solve anything. We also voted a bad leader out of office the peaceful way, exactly what I thought would happen since the powers that be know the people are sick to death of 45. They only hired him to scream, rattle cages, and act crazy after all.  Our new President, in the form of Joseph Biden, is pretty much more normal than 45. 45 supporters aren’t exactly the brightest crayons in the box.

This is not the End of Days, not by a long shot.  The End of Days is when our star goes supernova, that’s the end of the world, that won’t happen for billions of years.  We have only existed on this planet for a short time compared to other galactic civilizations out there.  Our society as it is now, has evolved over a short time period to what is now.  We impressed them by voting 45 out of office.  He is getting his karma coming back to him soon enough.  It will happen, have patience those of us who watch with great interest.

The thing is, karma is a force in this universe.  Everybody gets their karma.  If you do a lot of harm or wrong to people, you will get your karma back to you sooner or later.  Every major world religion believes that you will reap what you sow.  I feel that this is true for everybody, even if 45 fancy’s himself invincible.  That is a narcissist trait; they seem to feel they are good people who will not get into trouble no matter what they do to people.

Everybody gets their karma.  Some people however do not necessarily talk about it.  Everybody who assumes they are a good person without actually being one will get their karma back but they won’t be advertising that this happened to them.  It is necessary to strive to treat the people around you well.  I chose not to sin, I chose not to do mean things to other people.  This is why people like me.  Nobody likes a mean person, only because mean people are very much obsessed with their behavior.  A mean person wants to hurt someone else because they have fun doing it, that’s plain why they are mean to others.  But those of us who know better… know better.

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