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43 Business Plans Finished

January 20, 2021

Since the year 2016 I’ve written 43 business plans.  I was on a quest to get all my ideas down on paper.  In 2016, I had that knee injury to worry about.  It came out of nowhere, and I ascribe metaphysical sources to this injury since it was so random because I had nothing else going on during that time when it happened.  I was about to start getting myself a real job at a real company barring the drama that my mother might have visited on me had I actually gotten a chance to work the way I had envisioned myself working during this time.

This is why I worked so hard on the business plans.  Now it is time to secure partners, and angel investors rather than loans, because the only debt I have is credit card debt that I need to fix.  My driver’s license is currently suspended because I haven’t driven in so long I’ve forgotten how.  With a recent diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis coming from either birth control use, type 1 diabetes catching up with me, my alcoholism catching up with me I’d say I’m stuck with work from home jobs.

I read 64 library books last year, but I seem to have misplaced one library book in my house that I’ve been looking for like mad.  I’ve written a post 2020 business idealist but I have one idea blurb left and one business plan left to write.  Now it is time to have meetings with metaphysical bookstores to pitch my idea but not before setting up a non-disclosure agreement with them.  I also have ideas for Meetups groups.  A travel group can’t happen right now but I have to write this business plan down soon enough.  My herbal remedies franchise idea comes from a friend of mien who casually mentioned she had an herb garden.

I even want to start a teaching group dedicated to pagans and other mentally ill magickal folk on medications to learn witchcraft and psychic arts. I’m going to use my writing to make money this year in more ways than one.  I want to get started in freelancing because I’m free from corporate drama.  My kiosk at the mall idea can provide two seamstresses I know with jobs.  I want to sell the heat packs, bookmarks, and eventually psychokinesis sheet metal art. Yes, using my energy I’m going to melt metal in order to make paper crane origami art.

I want to sell lavender pillows made with herbs from my own herb farm grown in a small space utilizing space saving technologies.  I’m not sure about making my own essential oils because I’m not sure how much space I have in my yard for this stuff.  It is a big yard, I have no idea what measurements, but that has to be in my business plan.  It is the final business plan for the business ideas list that I started in 2016.  I have spent 5 years working on plans.  Now I have to start working on Kickstarter campaigns and raising actual funds, as well as finding business partners.  I need coherent, rational partners who make it a point to politely question my judgment.  I know of at least two seamstresses and a third at the mall that can help me with my insulin pump ice pack this summer. 

It is time to make my dreams come true even at the age of 40.  I feel motivated because I’ve spent the last 5 years in low income planning mode, since my knee injury.  Now that my knee is passably better and I’m walking better, I have the right to seek real funding.

I’m going to start getting the ball rolling with metaphysical bookshops I can present my idea to.  It might even require this idea be made into a presentation to attract outside interest besides those who run the shops.  Making money is one way to protect myself from my family because I can come up with ways of legally protecting myself, eventually changing my phone number.  I have to make real money sometime, because I need to.  I can’t stand staying low income anymore just to protect my family from their mental health problems.

Psychically, the second I make money my parent’s relationship falls apart.  Or they both lose their minds.  I have to make money though because I have got to get myself financially together.  There are many ways out of the trap that I’ve worked out. My list of how to get myself self-employed, that is one way to make money.  I’m going to try to make money for my own sake.  I want to make money. I feel an urge to make money. I want a healthy income and to pay for my own insurance.

Staying low income no longer serves me.  It demeans me.  I have to make money sometime this year.  I have to.  I’m trying.  The stimulus check is necessary for me.  I don’t have much income right now, it’d be great to make real money.  My business ideas are a revolving door.  I have many of them, they pop in on a regular basis, at least one idea a day.  I’m willing to pay for my medical care on my own.   But glucagon is at least $100.  That is very expensive.  I still have no income though which is why I need my EBT benefits. 

EBT is quite useful for us low-income sorts because we get to pay for groceries for free.  I remind myself that I owe nobody an explanation about how I decide to take care of myself, how I decide to rest daily.  I owe nobody an explanation.  I can make decisions for myself and you know what? I do.  I don’t have to overwork myself with no pay off.  It is why I need to create a good support system for myself in Los Angeles. This is why I want to divide my time and live in mental health rehab facilities. I also want to pack up my books when it is time, when I have to move all my stuff to Los Angeles for safety’s sake.

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