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What is next with the business plans inside my head?

January 26, 2021

I started a post 2021 list.  I have written down almost all the 2016 list, and now I have to play catch up to my after 2020 list.  I call it the 2021 business ideas list.  I have many business plans I’m done with and need to put together at this point.  I also have to find equal partners who are willing to politely question my judgment as needed. I need to raise money by now also.  I need to raise enough money to support myself from angel investors who are willing to put a stake of their own in the company.  I want to get funding for some of my ideas, not all of them, only the ones meant to succeed.  

            I don’t want to get a loan only because loans are going to mess up my credit if I can’t pay it back.  This is why I need to show good judgment.  I’m pretty much going to find partners in the present.  I need to find them in order to move forward with some ideas.  I’m trying to figure out how to move forward.  I try to be a regular at the SCORE legal advice clinic.

            If only I had enough money for SCORE paid online classes.  I need some extra income here.  I’m going to blow my stimulus check on a life coach job I applied at months ago.  There is an entry fee but when I sign up I get a nice discount.  I’ll make a good life coach because I’m not into the act of babying people.  Its like, okay, well, I’m a busy bee who doesn’t waste my time anymore.  I lost good years to stress or at the very least living my life a certain way that kept it low stress. 

            Now I’m trying to fake it until I make it.  I’m dealing with less stress in the immediate present, since I have my work planned out, I’ve got ideas, and I’m working on stress management.  I’m good at stress management give or take.  A note to family who doesn’t read my blog: My business idea, my money, that’s just the way it is.  I’m not inclined to give it to you freeloaders free.  Sure my parents expect me to buy the condo out.  Silly people, what made you think I’d do that right away?

            Certain populations are still waiting around on the vaccine.  I’m in a somewhat high-risk category.  As a high-risk category, I’m paranoid, naturally, and I’m trying not to get too paranoid. Anyway, it will be nice to be able to pay for everything myself with my own money for once.  I work diligently on applying for jobs with few people biting.  I’m getting nowhere near enough interviews.  I guess you could say I have the whole myth of “I have a disability and can’t work” on the brain.  I’m trying to uncurse myself with this because I realize a lot of it is a mental blockage.  With my creative blocks due to mr. hernia and now chronic pancreatitis,  I’m wondering if I ever will be healthy enough to work full-time.

            I’m better off selling my businesses maybe.  Who knows? I want a conventional job though even if some refuse to hire me because I have an obvious disability.  Yes, let’s talk about this employment issue that haunts my entire existence.  I’m way too considerate to people who don’t hire me right away.  I’m wondering at that life pattern that persists no matter how much positive thinking I do.  I want a work from home job, this much is certain in the immediate present.  I also just paid for this blog.  I paid only because I want to pay in the immediate present.  I succeeded at sending my payment in.  I’m trying to keep my head above water, which is why I’m glad Textbroker decided to let Californians work for them again.  A law made this difficult, California AB 5, freelancer rules about someone not being able to write more than 35 pieces a year.

            It’s a relief to me this weird law was overturned or amended or fixed.  I’m busy trying to make money with very little possible streams of income.  I’m looking at other websites like Textbroker, such as Contena, but I need actual income for that.  I applied at a book proposal contest only because this contest promises the winner $100,000 by May of this year.  I applied to get the publishing contract.  I put my book in there only because the outline has been done for months.  It says I have 7 months to finish this book.  The word count at the phrase 7 months read 777.  This is an angel sign that I’m publishing the book. 

            An angel sign such as this is a powerful omen actually, because I’ve read some Doreen Virtue by now.  She can’t disappear her old books even if she is Christian now.  Anyway, I’m learning a lot about angel signs, since my seeing 1111, 222, 333, and 444 etc. around mean that I’m going to get my stimulus check in the mail soon.  It happened with the last stimulus check.  The pandemic has been hard on everybody, even those who have jobs.  I’m used to being by myself and even that has been getting to me.  These are strange days.

            As it is, the vaccine coming out is great.  I feel much better knowing it is out even with new strains of COVID circulating that are much more contagious than they initially thought.  So the answer is to continue to come up with vaccines.  Way back I’ve had a family friend who was a survivor of polio.  Polio used to tear through communities until the vaccine wiped it out.  I got a pneumonia vaccine in my 20s since I was getting it so often in the winter.  Just this year I got a flu vaccine.  I got myself a flu vaccine only because I was like, there is no way in hell I’m getting this virus because zombie movies all teach to stay the hell away from sick people.  I’m eventually going to get a job and get off SSI; I just need to be patient with myself.

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